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RMA Infoworks Facial Recognition Technology

For Smarter, Safer and Secure Global Cities

Facial Recognition Technology by RMA is an AI-based biometric authentication mode that does more than detecting a person or a human face. Leveraging powerful computer vision capabilities and driven by world‐class AI algorithms, RMA's Facial Recognition Technology solution can be deployed onsite business premises, airports, transportation hubs, commercial centres, shopping malls and urban locations.

Combining AI, cognition and connectivity, RMA's Facial Recognition Technology is designed to conduct face searches, detect emotions, provide beauty scores, track eye gazes and body gestures.

Beyond these functions, RMA's Facial Recognition Technology is useful in identifying and assessing pain, as well as evaluating the health status of a person.

A specially designed FRT solution offering a more safe approach in managing health monitoring. With Temperature Monitoring and Check-in Records Solution, temperature recording will be automated, and statistical reports can be generated. reduces This not only reduce the risk of infection for front desk staff/medical personnel as it provides instant checking of specific temperature records, and quick retrieval of captured temperature records.

Increase on-site security and improved levels of check-in efficiency. Visual Visitor Registration makes it easy for organisations to add image or video analysis to the check-in process for visitors, contractors and guests arriving on-site. If a visitor has previously checked-in on-site and authorised the Visitor Management Kiosk to capture a photo of their face, their facial features are instantly recognised, allowing the visitor to bypass multiple check-in workflow screens and displays unique visit details on-screen.

Get attendance and temperature of your employees without even touching any surface reducing risk of further human-to-human transmission, all included in a fixed facial recognition technology solution. Visual Time Attendance is a Biometric technology that is capable of identifying or verifying the true identity of an individual using their face.

Automatically detect faces on still images and video streams in real-time. Contact Tracing Solution assists into identifying an individual who came into contact with an infected patient before isolation protocols were applied lowering the risk of spreading the COVID-19.

RMA's Facial Recognition Technology is trained to examine vast numbers of images with a self‐learning algorithm for increasingly refined image analysis.
Heighten security or provide an exclusive experience to your VIP customer with intelligent video analysis ‐ with blacklist and whitelist options, identify an individual quickly with time and date stamp.
Designed with GDPR Compliance in mind meaning individual identities remain secure and safe.
RMA's Facial Recognition Technology can be deployed in banks, government agencies, hotels, healthcare and retail settings, and ensuring your customer verification journey is innovative and fully secured.

  • Promotion

    SGD$ 15,000
    • Facial Recognition Door Access Panel
    • Thermal Scanner
    • Thermal Tagging
    • Liveness Detection
    • Anomaly Warning
  • Regular

    SGD$ 16,500
    • Facial Recognition Door Access Panel
    • Thermal Scanner
    • Thermal Tagging
    • Liveness Detection
    • Anomaly Warning